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(S)how your distance?!


In the Co-Well project we are exploring how new and creative online digital tools can support vulnerable peoples wellbeing. One of our target groups is people with a visual impairment. With the current COVID-19 measures it is advised to keep 1,5 meter distance from other people, especially when talking. Since people with a visual impairment have difficulty in estimating this distance they are reliant on other people to keep 1,5 meter distance.

We are currently exploring ways in supporting people with a visual impairment to take back control and allow them to keep 1,5 meter distance by using common available devices as a smartphone. In this exploration we have created a Web-app that can estimate the distance between you and another person. It uses the camera of your device (computer or smartphone) to detect the other persons face and estimate the distance of the person of your device. Curious if it works? We created an online demo for everybody to try out. The demo shows your distance in centimeter and draws a red box around your camera screen when you are within 150 centimeter/ 1,5 meter.

Below is the demo presented in an iframe. If you have trouble using the tool, go to the demo page directly by following this link https://connectedcreative.nl/tools/distance/index.htm