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Mapping creative and positive solutions in times of Covid-19


The crisis is affecting us all. Happily in the Netherlands, there are all kinds of positive initiatives for helping each other: from doing extra groceries for the whole street and collecting laptops for eager students, to online theater lessons and restaurants donating their leftover food to the Dutch food bank.

VPRO Tegenlicht has mapped an overview of such positive initiatives.

One solution is particularly interesting: Chatting via Skype in sign language.

Students from the Institute for Sign language & deaf studies in Utrecht are chatting via Skype with people from the deaf society that have lesser social contact because of the crisis. This is a much needed initiative for this target group as other forms of communication such as calling or common video conferencing (which does not have subtitles) are not typically accessible.

This way students get to practice with sign language, and the people that are deaf and hard of hearing are less socially isolated. A win-win situation.

BNO is also showing great positive initiatives from the creative industry such as a playful DIY exhibition that you can print yourself.

Things of Covid-19′ from dr Gabrielle Ferri is a blog collection showing different designed objects and solutions that have arisen during the Corona virus pandemic.

Finally, the positive power of What design can do’ is shown on their website: from environment friendly masks and new spatial strategies for museums, to safe and inclusive public restrooms.