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Co-creative at a distance


Eliminate creative Zoom fatigue!

Being creative and collaborative comes with challenges these pandemic times. Happily, tools as MURAL and Miro are helpful digital workspaces that help you to visually collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Now Mural is also offering interesting on-line workshops and playlists to envision how to connect with each other more deeply through visual thinking. This is a great way to build in creative engagement for the future of team and client collaboration that is happening now.

Planning an engaging on-line interactive and creative workshop also comes with challenges, here are some tips from Miro and the Nielsen and Norman group on how to deal.

Wonder also aims to eliminate ‘Zoom fatique’ by offering a (virtual) space where groups can meet and talk in a more spontaneous and fluid way. It aims to connect others by enabling more spontaneous chats, random encounters, unexpected conversations, by moving around more freely between groups. They call this concept fluid togetherness.

The Digital Society School also put together some great 10 tips and exercises (such as drawing your colleague) to make working from home with a team a success.

The final tip is to engage Draw up! Draw up is a collective of Dutch professionals that offer live drawing. They now offer their services at a safe distance, via videoconferencing such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, or Google Meet. Thus the same, but with safe screen in between.

Draw up! offers live drawing, now at a distance

In summary, for a successful remote workshop session, pick and prepare the right tools, people, plan timing carefully, and create the expectation for active participation.

And if you really want to get out of video-conferencing calls? Here are ways without upsetting anyone.